Will cover all of your Commercial and Residential properties.

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Apartment Communities, Banks, Churches

Doctor offices, Rental Property, All Office Space, Grocery Stores, Boats, Planes, Cars, Trucks, even Tree Houses!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Affordable Pest Solutions Inc.

Technical Training

Our monthly refresher courses provide ample knowledge on new products, invading pest, 

new techniques in turn creating sound solutions to all of your pest control problems. All APS staff are well versed and industry polished to explain, perform and provide every customer with a Affordable Pest Solution beyond satisfaction guaranteed . 

The evolution of insects constantly evolve, There for we constantly train from secretaries up to CEO level, providing the most professional strong links in the complete chain of service.

Affordable Pest Solutions

We Cover all General Household and Commercial Pest. Spiders, Ants, Roaches, Bed bug Infestations, Fleas, Ticks, Pantry Pest, Mites, Earwigs, Box Elder Bugs, Flies, Filth Flies,Wasp, Bees, Scorpions, Centipedes, Millipedes, Beetles and the Pest go on. 

We cover your property with zero  tolerance.




Affordable Pest Solutions of Florida